Crystal Die

"I believe in the power of makeup not only to effect external transformations but also to fortify inner strength and confidence"

With a background in Fine Arts and fashion, her journey began as an aspiring artist, determined to explore the world of beauty and self-expression.

In the meantime, she has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the fashion, commercial, and wedding industry, allowing her to develop a profound understanding of the diverse and exquisite facets of makeup.
She has collaborated with national and international brands to narrate the visual stories of their products.

Beyond her role as a makeup artist, she is also a fervent content creator. Her journey into the world of digital media started in 2017 when she founded Belgium's very first online beauty magazine, Girlcrush Magazine.
She operated as a creative director, spotlighting the latest beauty trends in an innovative and creative manner.

Now she operates as a content creator under her own name, working with national and international brands. She creates campaigns with brands aswell as speaking at events as a beauty expert. This experience provides her with the opportunity to cultivate her unique style, push the boundaries of creative expression and stay up to date with all the latest beauty trends.

Additionally, she's the cohost of her own podcast, BeautyBoresMe, where she shares her love for makeup and beauty with listeners. It's a space where they delve deeper into trends, techniques, and personal stories of beauty enthusiasts.